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Tomb 104

Hi, my name is Arturo Hernández Jr., and the summer of 2015 I collaborated with Dr. Ellen Hoobler on a project which continues and adds to the work last summer with two students in creating 3D digital models of tombs from ancient southern Mexico. We decided I would model a different tomb than they did, in particular Tomb 104, in Cinema 4D (C4D) and the Unity gaming software. But as the project developed further, there were other ways to apply the 3D digital models created in C4D and on this page I share other methods that I explored.

–Arturo Hernández Jr., Cornell College ’16



Object 12 3D digital model

3D Modeling

3D Digital Modeling: Cinema 4D R15


Read about the 3D modeling process and look at some images of the objects I created here. In the modeling process I talk about techniques I used and the tools that came in handy.






3D Printing

3D Printing: Makerbot & CubePro 


Look at some pictures I took while I was in Oaxaca, Mexico of the 3D prited objects. Read about why 3D printing was utilized and the experience using one.









Objects after Motion Tracking video

Motion Tracking

Motion Tracking: Blender


Read about how I was able to place 3D models in this video with motion tracking using Blender and watch the result in this video.






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