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Artifacts Created in Cinema 4D From Tomb 118

Here are some screenshots of various objects from Tomb 118. They are a mix of Catherine and Ve’Amber’s work in Cinema 4D. These are just a few highlights of over 70 objects we made 3D models of over the summer in 2014. All of these objects are based off of the cards Alfonso Caso and his team made while excavating at Monte Albán. The cards were really helpful and rich in detail, so for many of these we have the color, measurements, and descriptions of each.  A lot of these were really fun to make or interesting items to have found in the tomb, especially the billy club (the 5th picture in the line up).

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  1. Jana Klein says:

    Really interesting and fun to look at! Thanks for sharing!


  2. […] 3D model recreation (right). In the bottom right corner of the inside of the tomb in the 3D model, one of the objects can be seen placed in the tomb. Object positions are based on where they were found when Alfonso […]


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