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Tomb 118 – Field Photos

OutsideEntrance (2)

Zapotec tombs at Monte Albán, where many of the elite lived, were built within in the center of their homes. Most of the time, these tombs were sealed except for ceremonial or burial purposes.






Our first day at Monte Albán was on June 29 , 2014 , we stayed for about three hours which included getting the layout of the site and measuring  Tomb 118.  The entry way was a little short, we had to duck to get in; it was about .9 meters high and .4 meters wide. Comparatively, inside the tomb the floor of the tomb was approximately 3.6 meter in length and 1.4 meters wide.  The highest point of the tomb was 1.8 meters.  Therefore, the tomb was high enough to stand up in, which was interesting to all of us (the tallest of us–Catherine, the one in the pinkS0988112 shirt–being 1.7 meters tall). Also, about three of us could stand inside without it being crowded. It was between noon and two in the afternoon, so sunlight that came from the entrance was sufficient.  Also, all of the pictures turned out well without flash.


Below are just a few more photos that show off the size of the tomb, the light, and its entrance.


  EllenOutsideFirstStepTomb 118 - From Back WallEntrance (6)



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